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Contra Veritas

against all reasons

Draco and Cho is love
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Draco/Cho has always been a rather interesting pair. It's actually fun to put them together since they are so differnet from each other.

Cho is the sweet sensitive girl who is smart and tough (after all she plays the hardest part in Quidditch for Ravenclaw) and Draco is just your regular bad boy: cocky, selfish, yet charming.

This could work.


1. Icons, fanart, drabbles, and fiction are very welcome but they all MUST pertain to Draco/Cho
2. Discussions are welcomed also questions and suggestions about this particular pairing
3. Please do not join just so you can advertise other communities!!!
4. All icons, fanart, drabbles, and fiction must but under a cut WITH a warning if it is PG-13 or more.
5. Multiple drabbles, big pictures, art, fiction over 200 words should also be under a cut

"Contra Veritas" is latin for "against all reasons" alright I admit! I stole it from http://www.acciofirebolt.com/forum/printthread.php?s=9528b93a2ea2c72d5b7740586547a353&threadid=4214 another DM/CC forum but *shhhhh* nobody knows....